Electric pallet trucks


When you are working with material handling equipment, heavy loads are a very common thing. There are many ways to be able to move these loads easily and in a safe way. The use of an electric pallet truck can help you achieve these results. This type of material Handling equipment is very common tools … Read more

Pallet Jacks in your Workplace


Along with forklifts, pallet jacks (or pallet trucks, as they are also known) are the most used types of equipment for materials handling equipment. Even most small workshops and light manufacturing businesses have at least one manual pallet jack on hand to facilitate production and to help prevent the staff from getting injuries from lifting … Read more

Choosing the right type of pallet jack


Having the right type of material handling equipment is extremely important in your warehouse and workplace. Electric pallet trucks are more preferred due to the high speed, ease, comfort and convenience of use for the operator. This is also a great way to increase your productivity without risking injury in the workplace. Statistics have shown that properly … Read more